Yoga vs. Pilates- which is better?

There are many people who think that both yoga and Pilate exercises are the same, but this is completely a wrong conception. Though both of them targets at health improvement, but the intensity of their effectiveness differs widely from each other. There are many points where they differ from each other and you should know those points so that you can decide that which option suits you the best.

Yoga vs. Pilates

Differences between yoga and Pilates

•    Pilates are mainly categorized under intensive workouts and thus only a few moves are flexible. In most of the cases, it has been found that Pilate exercises are pretty challenging to practice and thus the beginners might face a great difficulty in practicing the same. These exercises lack in flexibility as a result of which the beginners might face sudden physical injuries if proper expert guidance is not availed. In case of yoga, only flexible moves are included. No complicated poses are added and thus anybody and everybody can practice the same with any kind of difficulty or complications. Some of the easiest yoga moves can be even practiced at home without any professional guidance or support. Yoga is absolutely perfect for beginners. Both kids and adults can attend yoga sessions.

•    Pilate exercises are being framed in a personalized manner in accordance of the body needs of the fitness enthusiasts. This is the reason only speedy health impacts can be received without any delay. On the other hand, increased amount of calories can be lost during first session only. People practicing yoga can never expect seedy results rather they have to wait a bit. But yes, permanent health solutions can be definitely expected from yoga moves and it has been guaranteed by yoga experts currently. Not much calories are burnt with one session of yoga.

•    If you are looking for inner peace, then yoga is the perfect solution for you. Different kinds of mental disorders like stress, depression and other related ones can be efficiently kicked-out and that to instant effects by means of yoga moves. You can regain lost confidence and concentration power from yoga poses. Pilates can help you in getting physical strength and energy rather than mental peace. If you are intending to improve your physical health faster, then you should choose Pilate exercises without going for any other option. Both bones and muscle flexibility and strength can be restored by these intensive workouts. Your posture, length, appeal and personality can be improved by Pilate exercises.

•    Yoga has deeper breathing techniques and these techniques help in releasing stress faster. Breathing techniques keep on varying with yoga poses. But in case of Pilates, nose inhaling and mouth exhaling involve.

•    Different exercising tools are needed for practicing Pilates but for yoga practicing only yoga-mat is enough. Yoga techniques and poses are treated as the main tools in this regard. Some Pilate tools are quite heavier and thus they can be handled only by experienced candidates rather than beginners who have just started learning.

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    I did many years of pilates on a regular 2-3 times a week basis and I would say the opposite. Yoga esp hot yoga is far more exhausting and calorie burning than pilates which was created for injuries. The form I attended was totally personalised so I never injured myself yet yoga classes the teacher rarely says anything individual just performs the exercises by example maybe wonders the room and occasionally tweets a pose whilst it is held at one level usually very advanced so a novice has no idea. I love yoga don’t get me wrong but I think the personal instruction all over melb is terrible. Particularly in bikram which is like boot camp yoga in smelly rooms.

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