Yoga for Beginners

Beginners should always try out with the easiest and most flexible yoga-poses that can be practiced with greater convenience without acing any physical difficulties. If you start practicing from a very tender age, then only you will be able to learn yoga basics or fundamentals in a proper manner.

Beginners’ yoga-classes have been framed in quite a simplified manner so that the learners do not face any difficulty in learning the poses. Your body-limits should be pushed over time with yoga as a result of which you can gain acute flexibility.

Why beginners should learn yoga?

•    Different breathing issues or troubles since childhood can be easily and permanently corrected by means of yoga practices.

Yoga for Beginners

•    Both body structure and alignment can be maintained with ease with yoga-poses.

•    Flexibility, stamina and strength levels can be boosted-up and this is really quite beneficial for any human body.

•    Your life goals can be fulfilled and you can get a free and healthy lifestyle.

•    Both brain and physical functions can be efficiently regulated as a result of which you can enjoy a completely healthy body.

•    Quick recovery from different chronic diseases especially pains or injuries can be achieved in a completely natural way.

Yoga-poses practiced by beginners

•    Tree pose: back and legs can get the best strength and balance from this pose. Right-foot should be folded towards left thigh. Your arms should be raised so that the energy-flow can be managed with ease. Steady tree-stance is followed in this regard for maintaining a perfect pose and this pose should be definitely held for some time for receiving the best health effects or benefits.

•    Triangle pose: In this case, deep-breathing can be promoted with mobilized hips. Excess enlivening effects can be received from the concerned pose. Feet should be pressed against ground keeping weight balanced over both feet. Your waist should be maintained straight and the process of exhaling and inhaling should be continued.

•    Chair pose: This is an extremely powerful yoga-pose and everybody should practice the same daily. This pose will cater you a lot of physical strength and energy as a result of which you can concentrate on different kinds of daily activities. Hold the pose as if you are sitting on any invisible chair, but in this case you should keep your hands stretched upwards with non-folded elbows.

•    Cobra pose: Lower-back muscles can be now strengthened with this pose. Both triceps and spine is being cushioned opening chest for promoting inhalations. Spine flexibility can be easily increased with this pose and if you have got a back-pain then it can be relieved soon with the regular practicing of this pose.

•    Child pose: This is quite a common yoga-pose which is being included within the beginners’ classes. Emotional, mental and physical vitality can be effectively restored with this pose and you can get acute relaxation. Your thighs should be pressed against chest for slow breathing. Knees should be folded and you should sit over your heels.

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