What is Bikram Yoga?

Bikram yoga involves extreme heat for performing different yoga moves and this is the reason it is so very different from that of traditional yoga moves. It has got innumerable unique features and these features have ultimately upgraded the yoga standard to a great extent. Profuse sweating can be induced by Bikram yogas ad this sweating can bring different kinds of health advantages.

If you can bear the extreme heat while performing yoga moves, then only you can start practicing Bikram yoga. Special workout ambience is being created so that the students can stretch their bodies for a long period without facing any physical injuries. Each yoga pose should be held for long otherwise the desirable impacts cannot be received.

What is Bikram Yoga

History of Bikram yoga

Bikram Choudhury is the introducer or inventor of Bikram-yoga. He has got the trademark and copyright on this specific yoga system. He has got the certification from Yoga-college-Of-India. 26 yoga-postures have been included, including breathing exercises. These workouts can be practiced within controlled environments of humidity and heat.

Intellectual properties of human beings can be efficiently controlled by means of practicing this yoga and it has been already proved by the introducer. Postures can be exclusively controlled and no suffocating conditions will be faced by the students. Bikram yoga has been approved by the communities of Indian yoga and North America as the safest and most effective one.

This form of yoga is now popularly termed as hot yoga as heat is involved during the workout sessions. Bikram Choudhury has prescribed specific humidity and temperature levels and these levels are getting sincerely followed by the studios involving Bikram yogas. While performing this yoga, it is very much essential in having an adequate quantity of water for maintaining body hydration-level. Each class lasts for almost ninety minutes and you should be quite attentive throughout the whole session.

Highlights of Bikram yoga

•    Breathing exercises: Two breathing-exercises are found within Bikram yoga. Breathing exercises can control your breathing pattern. If the correct pattern of breathing is followed, then oxygen-flow in your body can be efficiently regulated. You will never face any unwanted breathing troubles ever. Your heart-rate will be controlled and blood-circulation can be easily regulated. On the other hand, you will also get a completely regulated body temperature.

•    Stretching exercises: Stretching poses are really quite flexible and you will find almost twenty-six poses in Bikram yoga. All poses should be performed under controlled heat. Some commonest poses are awkward pose, half-moon pose, Eagle pose, standing bow, balancing stick, Triangle pose, toe stand, tree pose, wind-removing pose, dead-body pose and many more. Special kind of yoga-mats are being used in this respect so that all these poses can be conveniently and smoothly performed without any hindrances. If you are in need of any assistance, then the trained experts will surely help you out. After attending few sessions, you will learn the best techniques for performing these poses as a result of which you will be able to practice by your own.

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