A Short History of Yoga

If you are willing to know yoga basics, then nothing can be the best option other than getting into the yoga history. Yoga is one of the traditional and oldest strategies of maintaining great health and long-term fitness.

Since 5000-years, yoga is getting developed by the researchers so that it can come to an innovative form. Four main yoga-periods have been invented till yet and you should get a fair knowledge about these periods in order to gather knowledge about yoga history in details.

A Short History of Yoga

Pre-classical yoga

Indus-Saraswati civilization from Northern India is now considered as the introducer of yoga and this civilization used to exist almost before 5000-years ago. Rig-Veda introduced yoga for the very first time from where world came to know about this holistic approach. It was just text-collections including ritual, mantras and songs that were being practiced by Priests only. In fact, as per the sources it has been known that Brahmins refined and developed new forms of yoga. Jana-yoga and Karma-yoga are the two most popular forms that got invented at that point of time. You might find the traces of these two forms within the yogic-scriptures of Upanishads.  In this case, different Vedic ritual-sacrifices and their practices were also being included.

Classical yoga

In this particular period, yoga concept was quite contradictory including various techniques, beliefs and ideas. Yoga-sutra of Patanjali was being represented as first systematic yoga presentation. Raja-yoga got invented during this time and it as popularly known as classical-yoga. Eight-limbed path including enlightment steps were quite useful.   Most modern-day yoga-styles have got influenced directly from Yoga-sutras.

Post-classical yoga

Immediately after Patanjali, Few specialized yoga-systems got invented by popular yoga-masters that can make human bodies rejuvenated and can make life prolonged. They achieved enlightment by embracing physical bodies and they also rejected Vedic teachings. Radical techniques oriented Tantra yoga got invented that make both mind and body fully cleansed and this finally leads to the exploration of intense physical-spiritual connections.

Modern period

1800-1900 is the tenure which is denoted by modern period of yoga. During this period, native yoga-masters started travelling towards West with the hope of spreading the impacts of yoga all across the globe. Swami Vivekananda took the first initiative and moved towards Religion Parliament of Chicago for spreading the goodness of yoga. The attendees got wowed with his yoga lectures and many of them became his followers instantly. At that point of time, Hatha-yoga was the most popular form and it was getting practiced by famous personalities like Swami Sivananda, T. Krishnamacharya and many more. Both these yoga-leaders tried to spread Hatha-yoga far and wide so that more and more followers can be created. They opened yoga-ashrams where this yoga can be practiced well. Almost above 200 yoga-books have been produced by Sivananda for telling people about yoga legacies. Indra Devi is the first person who opened yoga-center at Hollywood in the year 1947. In this studio, innumerable Indian and Western yoga-teachers were produced who later on preached yoga formulas in a better way.

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