5 Best Yoga Moves

Any kinds of health issues can be now easily resolved by means of yoga-moves. This is the reason almost all fitness enthusiasts are now practicing the same on a regular basis. In this respect, expert guidance is very much essential especially for learning the moves in a correct and perfect manner. You just need to carry your yoga-mat at the classes for conducting the performances smoothly.

5 popular poses of yoga

Five popular poses of yoga should be practiced well, so that improved health and acute fitness can be gained. You should make some time in a day for practicing these poses one after another without any break and then only your fitness objectives can be achieved.

Yoga Moves

•    Cat pose: This kind of yoga-pose is also popularly known as cow pose. This pose mainly stands on knees and hands. Knees should be beneath hips while hands should be below the shoulders and the pose should be held at absolutely 90-degree angles. Hands should be pressed down while exhaling for maintaining cat-pose. The pose should be held for almost 2-3 minutes for speeding-up exhale or inhale pattern. It also boosts-up spinal extension.

•    Downward-facing dog: Shoulders and hands should be placed at a considerable distance for keeping them apart. The same distance should be maintained between the feet and hips. Hips should be at a certain height, maintaining 60 degree angle. Hand knuckles should be down with arms straight. Knees should be softly bent with heels touching the floor. Spine should be pulled backward as much as possible drawing body’s front-line forward. You should stay in this pose till ten breaths are completed.

•    Triangle stance:  60 degree angle should be maintained by placing the legs straight. Front-thigh should be externally rotated with back-leg’s slightest internal-rotation. In this case, back-heel should spin down with bottom palm resting over and the top-arm should be extended straight towards the ceiling in order to maintain a perfect balance. Five-ten breaths are enough for holding back the concerned pose. The other-side should be repeated in the same manner.

•    Forward hangs: Distance should be maintained in between hips and feet. Hip-line should be creased with draping torso towards the thighs. Hands should be interlaced behind your back, keeping arms-arch overhead. Soft bend should be maintained towards your knees so that feet plugging over floors can be easily maintained. The seat should be pushed towards the ceiling. This pose needs to be maintained till 10 breaths are completed.

•    Pigeon pose: This is quite a popular pose of yoga and it can be practiced with ease. In this case, shin should be brought forward by putting front-knee on its own-side. Back-leg should be extended fully straight and it needs to be stretched behind you. A comfortable folded-blanket needs to be used in this regard so that the seat can be levelled-out properly. This pose should be taken towards forward-bend with chest forward and arms reaching. After completing 10 breaths the side can be switched for performing the concerned move efficiently and nicely.

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